TALKS (PDFs for download)

PDFs of talks at the conference where available (links to dropbox):

Keynote: Ken Plummer.


Sarah Bekaert (Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust): Relational poems – highlighting the polyphony within narrative; exploring influence on decision making in young women’s pregnancy stories.

Claire Brewis, Anna van Wersch, Amanda McNamee and Christopher J Wilson (Teesside University): Photo-elicitation as a tool to enhance gathering narratives from people with brain injury.

Helen Colley and Viv Burr (University of Huddersfield): The impact of elder care on female academics: troubling narratives of private ills.

Deborah Jump (University College, Oldham): Fighting for Change: Narrative accounts on the appeal and desistance-potential of boxing.

Dawn Lyon (University of Kent), Bethany Morgan Brett (University of East London) and Graham Crow (University of Edinburgh): Young People’s Imagined Futures: Narratives from the Isle of Sheppey, 1978 and 2010.

Dina Poursanidou (University of Manchester): Negotiating unsettled and unsettling identities: How can we respond to this task creatively?

Susy Ridout (University of Birmingham): Narrating experience: the advantage of using mixed qualitative methods to bring autistic voices to the fore in discourse around their support requirements.


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